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Book Review – Win Forever by Pete Carroll

I just finished reading Pete Carroll’s book, Win Forever. I have to admit when I picked it up at the airport to read on my trip, that I wasn’t planning on being overly impressed. I thought I was simply getting a football book and I wanted to learn more about the Seahawks new coach. I have to say that I’m very impressed.

The Win Forever philosophy espoused by Carroll is one I have always held but never able to express as well as he has. The whole concept is about competing (which we heard from Day 1), but not only in football but in life. I walked away with a couple of pages of notes on themes I will carry forward into my personal and professional life. When that happens, you know a book has been valuable.

I find it fascinating that when Carroll was hired at USC after nearly 18 years in the NFL as a coach, coordinator, and head coach, he was thought to be a “pro guy” and wouldn’t succeed on the college level. Now, 10 years later, he is thought of as a “college guy” who can’t possibly inspire men. Ironic.

In reading Carroll’s book, I genuinely come away liking the guy, the coach, and the traits. I believe the guy is a winner. The process in Seattle will not be quick, but I believe there is a purpose behind it. Heck, he started out 2-5 in his first 7 games at USC. From then on, it was a glorious ride.

I recommend the book for a couple of reasons:

1 – It’s got a terrific message. The philosophy of being positive and competing in all you do resonates in everyone’s life. I walked away pumped up and ready to play!

2 – Get to know the coach who is leading your team. Yes, I know he came from our arch-rival, however so did his protege Steve Sarkisian and he turned out okay so far. In fact, his Trojan background quickly faded with success, and I anticipate the same with Pete.

I’m glad I bought the book. It’s an insightful, compelling and good read.

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