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Next Year’s Mariners Lineup

It’s time to call a spade a spade for the Seattle Mariners.

This year, we were filled with hope coming off an 85-win season. We added Cliff Lee, Milton Bradley, and Chone Figgins and hoped that we would get decent performances form the offense so that we could pitch and play defense into the AL West crown. Obviously, that didn’t happen…in a BIG way.

It’s time to admit we are rebuilding and get some of the kids down in the minors a chance to play, fail, and ultimately see if they are the guys who can bring us back into being a contender. We keep hearing about how great the farm system is since Jack Zduriencik came in and started doing his thing. As an old Seahawks motto from days gone by once said, “It’s NOW Time!”

Here’s how I’d like to see the starting lineup look for next year…

C – Adam Moore       He’s played pretty well of late and he was supposed to be our savior at the position. We’ve got to let him play every day.

1B – Justin Smoak    He was the prize jewel in the Cliff Lee deal. Time to deliver.

2B – Dustin Ackley   Our #2 overall pick is playing well in Tacoma. Time to see what he can do in the bigs.

SS – Josh Wilson      A better bat than Jack.

3B – Matt Tuiasosopo Has been great the last few days after being bad for a couple of years. He needs reps and consistent play to see if he can play at this level.

LF – Michael Saunders    I’ve been impressed with this guy. I think he can have a break-out year in 2011.

CF – Franklin Gutierrez   Duh!

RF – Ichiro Suzuki    I hear the rumblings about trading him. No way. This guy is a future Hall of Famer and a 200-hit a year guarantee. We need him at the top of the lineup.

DH – Russell Branyan   A veteran leader with pop in his bat. Good guy in the clubhouse.

Chone Figgins needs to be traded to a team that will contend. We can free up that money and continue to work on the areas of weaknesses. Milton Bradley – see ya! The pitching staff is pretty deep and I like the young arms. We may need to find a closer, though.

Bottom line – It’s time to move on. This is a project to be contending in 2012. To do that, we need to find out who is good and who isn’t. The only way to do that is to let them play. We may not win a ton of games, but at least they should be fun and exciting.

P.S. We’d better hire a manager who knows how to handle young players.

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One thought on “Next Year’s Mariners Lineup

  1. You left out their new team slogan, “Watch tomorrow’s superstars today before they get traded to a real big league team”.

    Its better than their historical mantra, “Seattle Mariners, Baseballs Triple A team to the contenders”.

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