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Moving Day at St Andrews


One of my favorite things to do on British Open week is getting up early and watching The Open on TV. It’s my World Cup. It’s still windy, but looks playable. U.S. Open champ Graeme McDowell is at -5 and in the hunt. The last two times players have won both the US and British Opens were in 2000 (Tiger Woods) and 1982 (Tom Watson). Don’t be surprised to see McDowell in contention tomorrow.

((Hey look – Phil finally makes a putt this weekend))

I love having Tom Watson and Paul Azinger in the booth with Mike Tirico on ESPN. As much as I loved watching Watson play as a leader last year, he is very goo as an analyst , and Azinger is brilliant.

As I watch this morning I can only think of one thing – I just love The Open.

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2 thoughts on “Moving Day at St Andrews

  1. That’s so cool that you are such a big fan of the Open and can enjoy getting up early on a Saturday to watch it. For those of us who feel that the golf standing belong in the Business Section of the news, here’s what a sports fan does on a morning like this.

    1. Sleep in.
    2. Turn on ESPN, see golf, turn off ESPN.
    3. Count down the days to NFL Training Camp.
    4. Pick up EA Sports NCAA Football and get ready for the College Football season to begin.
    5. Check out the Kitsap Bluejackets website.
    6. Think about mowing the lawn.
    7. Stop thinking about mowing the lawn.
    8. Go to Lake Union and check out expensive yachts I’ll never own.
    9. Check my Fantasy Baseball team and figure out how to beat Dan.
    10….drumroll please…. Check the MLB standings and figure out who I going to pull for to beat the Yankees in postseason since the M’s are usually out of contention by the time the British Open comes around.

    1. Glad you noticed who bolted into 1st place in the Fantasy Baseball standings right after the All-Star break;)

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