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Stanley Cup and Pac-ish

The Chicago Blackhawks won their first Stanley Cup since before I was born (they last won in 1961). This is a shout-out to all my pals from the Windy Cindy on what mist be a joyous day.

On the homefront, it’s been busy with Pac-ish “stuff:”

1 – USC just got drilled. Sanctions due to the Reggie Bush fiasco has cost them a 2-year bowl ban and what may be much worse – severely limited scholarships for the next three years. Washington had two years of scholarship reductions in the mid-90’s and it took 5 years to recover. Ironic that this mostly focuses on Reggie Bush just like Billy Joe Hobert was the “criminal” in the UW debacle.

2 – Colorado is now official. I expect up to five more schools to join – Texas and Oklahoma being the most notable. Actually adds some excitement to not just football, but to the entire cadre of sports.

3 – How tough will it be for USC to climb out of this hole now? It used to be you needed to jump over about half the teams in the conference. Now, the competition on the field and on the recruiting trail will be so tough…this may be an incredibly difficult hurdle to overcome.

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One thought on “Stanley Cup and Pac-ish

  1. I did not think any school was going to get penalized like UW did in the early 90’s. The sanctions against USC are right up there with what UW had to deal with. This should be a wake up call for other schools that they better stay clean or else they might face similar penalties.

    Regarding the expansion. It is exciting and it wil be interesting to see how it all plays out. This could be the beginning of a re-organization of all of the conferences. If the Pac-10 is successful at getting 5 more Big 12 teams to join, the new conference will receive a lot of respect from the national media.

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