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Pac-10 Expansion

What do you think of potential Pac-10 expansion?

I actually think it’s exciting. I remember when the conference was merely the Pac-8 and the Arizona schools joined. Expansion always brings in a level of excitement because of the unknown, the newness, and in this case, potential big names. Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado have been bandied about as potential new schools. Certainly, football has the most to gain and will bring the most controversy and chatter, but I would argue that the other sports also can benefit. Increased revenue and exposure would be a certainty. The administrative “stuff” would need to be worked out regarding scheduling and post-season, but I say “why not?”

Who knows, it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

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One thought on “Pac-10 Expansion

  1. The PAC-16?

    It looks like the Big 12 is dead.

    I’m not sure wether or not it’s a good thing, that will remain to be seen, what it does ensure is that the Pacific-?? Conference will yield massive power in determining the National Championship picture.

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