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NFL Draft Day – Dan’s Big Board for Seahawks

I love the NFL Draft. I remember being a teenager in the mid-1980’s and getting up at 5:00 am on a Tuesday morning to turn on ESPN to watch the draft live. Chris Berman, Tom Jackson, and even Mel Kiper Jr. were all there. Now, it’s on Prime Time. Unfortunately for me, I can’t watch it live due to a school board meeting. It fgure the year the Hawks have two picks in the first 14, I’m stuck discussing budget in a middle school library. My daughter will be texting me (I raised her right).

‘m not going to pretend I know more than Todd McShay and the aforementioned Mel Kiper on who goes where. However, I do have my druthers on who the Seahawks pick. Here is my "Big Bard" for them (just in case Pete Carroll is reading my Tweets):

1 – Russell Okung OT – The best of the left tackles. He can step in immediately and fill Walter Jones’s shoes (ot at least break them in). If he’s gone…

2 – Trent Williams OT – The next best tackle, but still worthy of this high a pick. Another guy who ca fill a tremendous need. #8 will be happy with either. If they are both gone…

3 – Eric Berry S – This guy sounds like Kenny Easley reincarnated. Everyone I hear talk about him says he can’t miss playmaker on defense. We only have two safeties, so also a huge need.

With the 6th pick, I can’t imagine all three are gone. If they are, someone has fallen and probably a great pick at this spot.

As far as the #14 selection, here are a few names I would love to see if available. If Berry is selected, it must be the next level of tackles. If a tackle went, then one of the others…

– CJ Spiller RB, Derek Morgan DE, Anthony Davis OT, Bryan Bulaga OT, Dez White WR

If two of these names surface by around 6:30 this evening and include taking care of the o-line, I’m a happy guy. And of course, that’s all that matters right?

My best guess goes like this – #6 Eric Berry and #14 Anthony Johnson. Why? Because I think the top 2 tackles will be off the board; Kansas City will take one of them leaving Eric Berry available.

What do you think?

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