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How Sweet it is!!!

The Huskies and Lorenzo Romar took care of business beating #20 Cal to take the Pac-10 tourney crown and punching their ticket to the Big Dance. No drama other than finding out where, when, and who. Before the game, they were looking at a #13 slot. I predict this will push them up to a #10 seed. If they keep playing with this much confidence, swagger, and defense, they have a great shot to win at least one.

P.S. I’m guessing the recent lack of comments mean you don’t like Husky hoops??? What else is there to really talk about? It’s really early in spring training, the NFL draft is a month away, we have no NBA, no Tiger on the Tour, and as we discussed, I don’t know or do auto racing. Any college hoop fans out there? We can also talk other conferences and the upcoming selection show. Let’s go!

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2 thoughts on “How Sweet it is!!!

  1. Dan – I have been really busy so I have not had a chance to post a comment lately. I am a big college hoops fan and also a UW Alum so I am really excited about the Huskies. The Cal-UW game was really exciting and both teams fought hard until the end. The Huskies are playing really well at the right time so even though they are an 11 seed and have to play a tough Marquette team, I like their chances at winning that game.

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