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Tiger’s Tale Continues…

I just watched the replay of Tiger Woods’ apology.  A few thoughts…

1 – It seemed sincere.  I felt like it was Arthur Fonzirelli trying to spit out, “I’m sooooorry…” all over again.  However, it appears genuine.

2 – We are still playing by Tiger’s rules. No questions, no questions in the future, he calls the shots.  That won’t change.

3 – Finally, we see his face.  It’s a good step.  Now he needs to get his life in order and get back to work.

4 – I really don’t care about his personal life. I do hope he and his wife work it out. I wouldn’t wish what they are going through on anyone.  I’m rooting for him to make it work.

5 – The PGA needs him desperately. No sport has ever needed an athlete more…not even Jordan and the NBA. He’d better hurry.

What are your thoughts?

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One thought on “Tiger’s Tale Continues…

  1. Wow! This time I think we agree on the Apologetic Athlete of the Month.

    He did seem far more sincere than Mark “I took steroids in 1989 to expedite recovering from an injury I sustained in 1993” McGwire.

    Personally I don’t think he owes me an apology. He never made a commitment to me…at least I don’t have a ring that says otherwise. The only people he truly owes anything to is his family, and that’s none of my business.

    Finally, the PGA definitely needs Tiger far more than Tiger needs the PGA. A few years from now, we’ll think about this as often as we think about Kobe raping that 19 year old girl in that hotel room.

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