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Come Sail Away?

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Dennis Conner was skippering the yacht that won the America’s Cup.  It was big national news with headlines all over the papers and magazines.  I just caught the “big” news that we finally won the cup back deep in the recesses of the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.  The first time since 1995 that the United States has owned the cup. Yawn…

For some reason, the luster has gone out of this cup.  Maybe what is needed is a character like Dennis Conner to energize the event.  Or, maybe it just needs to be raced again in Newport (see photo).  I think more the former than the latter.

P.S. This photo taken when I was at the Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI.  A fabulous venue for such an event, even if it doesn’t float your boat (pun intended).

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2 thoughts on “Come Sail Away?

  1. I too was surprised by the lack of attention given this 160 year old event. Dennis Connor was only famous because he was the first one to lose the cup in 130 years and then mounted a successful campaign to reclaim it. Since then the team with the most money seems to have won. How does Switzerland (a land-locked country) win? Money! The giagantic catamarans were indeed impressive, but wouldn’t it be cool to go back to the days of the big wooden ships? Newport is a beautiful place. I lived there for a year and was good friends with a reporter for Sailing World Magazine. If the race were held there in four years, it would get a lot of regional press, but I don’t think it will pick up again nationally until we’ve dominated for 50 years and then lost it again.

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