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Monday Morning QB

1 – I witnessed one of the most poignant and wonderful moments in sports last night in the Olympics. Canadian men’s mogul athlete Alexandre Bilodeau “outmoguled” the reigning gold medal champ to secure the first ever Gold medal on home soil for the Canadians.  To add to the moment, the victory was dedicated to Bilodeau’s biggest fan and inspiration, his older brother Franklin who has cerebral palsy.  Franklin is confined to a wheelchair and has nowhere near the athletic prowess of his brother. However, the scene from last night would have melted every heart and certainly the snow in Whistler. Great moment. Tonight is the medal ceremony…don’t miss it.

2 -Anybody watch the NBA All-Star game? How about the NBA all-star weekend? Nope, me neither. I love the sport, but the all-star festivities are boring.

3 – Pitchers and catchers are now reporting to most teams. I can’t recall a spring training for the Mariners I’ve looked forward to more in recent years.

4 – High school basketball is charging into playoff season next week.  If your local school is in it, try to catch the games. High school playoff basketball beats an NBA All-Star weekend any time in my book.

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