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Husky Mens Hoop Now Needs to Win Out

The Dawgs played better on the road against the top program in the conference in Cal.  The loss is critical to post-season hopes.  I think they still have a chance to finish second if they win out.  Road games against the Oregon schools that are struggling, a road game at WSU that will be tough, and hold serve at home against the LA schools.  That MIGHT get them in to the dance, otherwise they need to win the Pac-10 tournament.

That old saying of the more you win early, the less you have to win late is holding true.  Those early season losses to Oregon at home, ASU on the road, and the UCLA blunder with a late lead is costing them big time.  No more room for error now.

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2 thoughts on “Husky Mens Hoop Now Needs to Win Out

  1. Dan,

    I also noticed UW played better last night but Cal was not going to be denied. Jerome Randle was ustoppable last night and any guy we put on him could not stop him. Totally opposite from what happened in Seattle. Right now Cal is the only team that seems worthy of a bid to the NCAA tournament but we know there will probably be 1 or 2 more teams that will get in. ASU is looking like they might be one of those teams. Usually if a team finished 10-8 or better they usually got a bid to the tournament. A few times a team that went 9-9 made it but it depends on how many big wins or bad losses a team has had. Until UW wins on the road, I can’t see how we will win any of the remaining road games. Since the Pac-10 tourney is in LA, that does not help the Huskies. They could very easily lose the first game and be done. Fortunately the road games left for the Huskies are all against the lower tier of the standings so maybe they might be able to win one or more of those games.

  2. The road games against Stanford and the Oregon schools are winnable; they need to hold serve at home; and pick up a win on the road against a good WSU team. No small task, but not easy. I then think they need two wins in the tourney. That being said, regardless of the fact they are down, I can’t see the Pac-10 not having at least two teams in the field of 65.

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