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A Higher Calling…

I read a great article about Oakland Athletics start 23-year old prospect who quit baseball today…to become a priest.

Grant Desme was the MVP of the Arizona Fall League.  He was a bright star in the A’s future plans.  It seems he has plans to be a brighter star in God’s plans.  No, this isn’t meant to be a religiously-based commentary. Yes, I am a Catholic and I appreciate greatly when a young man makes the decision to devote his life to the priesthood, and more importantly surrendering his personal freedoms for serving others.  I do look at this as a pleasant story that finds its way on the the front page of instead of:

  • Tiger Woods fall from grace due to adultery
  • Mark McGwire confess to taking steroids for over a decade
  • Lane Kiffin leaving Tennessee high and dry after only one year
  • Gilbert Arenas pleading guilty to absolute stupidity (bringing a gun to work and pointing it at a teammate)

It’s nice to see a guy who gets it.  No, it’s not about walking away from the game to become a priest. It’s about understanding your own personal calling is bigger than playing a game.  It’s about responsibility and integrity – whatever that means to each individual athlete and coach.  It’s about answering your own call…

Read the story


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3 thoughts on “A Higher Calling…

    1. My apologies. He wasn’t a dime a dozen pitching prospect, he was a 2007 second round pick outfielder who hit .315 with 11 homers and was selected as the MVP in the Arizona fall league.

      This story has a very Pat Tillman-esque feel to it. Thanks for posting it Dan.

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