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Hall of Fame

Two Hall of Fame notes…

1 – Edgar Martinez garnered 36% of the votes in his first time on the ballot. Actually, that’s not bad. I was expecting worse.  As much as I think that he deserves the HOF due to his production and the fact that he dominated his position for 10 years and may be the best ever at it, I know breaking through the DH enigma in the voting.  It took Andre Dawson about 10 years; it might take Edgar that long, too.

2 – I am shocked and dismayed that Cortez Kennedy didn’t make the 15 semi-finalists for the NFL Hall of Fame.  How did Steve Tasker and Jim Tunney beat out a guy who dominated at his position for a decade (same argument as with Martinez and baseball)?  I know John Clayton has led the campaign for him and I hope that it continues.

3 – That being said, we can now put in our votes as fans.  Click here to submit your selections.  My personal favorite is Ray Guy. He may be the best punter in NFL history. There’s no way he shouldn’t get in.  I also voted for former Seahawks and Vikings standout John Randle.  Keep in mind Jerry Rice (also a former Seahawk albeit less than a season) and Emmit Smith are going to make it in regardless, so consider some of the others who may need your votes.

What are your thoughts on Edgar and Tez?


2 thoughts on “Hall of Fame

  1. Hi Dan – I am a big Edgar Martinez fan and I agree with you that it will take him many years to get into the HOF. It took a while for the voters to recognize releivers and closers and the same thing has to happen with the DH position in order for Edgar to be voted in. I have read the arguments on both sides and I do not think it is fair to not recognize Edgar just because he did not play out in the field for part of his career. What about pitchers in the AL that do not bat? They are not being penalized for not batting but they are also not measured on their offensive stats either. Not all players have embraced the DH role and some saw their offensive numbers drop when they were a DH. A couple stats for Edgar that raise questions though are his total number of hits and home runs. Those numbers are not as high as the voters like to see. They typically like to see 3000 hits and 500 home runs. However, his career BA, on base percentage and OPS are way up there. Finally, if these voters were to interview opposing coaches and opposing players, they would say that Edgar was one of the most feared right handed hitters of his time. That should count for something.

  2. I think his stats are fine. There aren’t that many guys who qualify with 500 HR’s and 3,000 hits. Andre Dawson went in with less than that. Edgar has 2,247 hits, 305 HR’s, a .312 lifetime BA and a .515 lifetime slugging percentage. Those numbers match up with many HOF’ers – in fact, very close in all areas with Kirby Puckett. The problem is the DH.

    I love your comment about pitchers in the AL who don’t bat. You’re right on. I

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