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The Case For Tim Tebow and the Seahawks

“And with their pick in the second round, the Seattle Seahawks select…Tim Tebow from the University of Florida…”

Now, THAT’S what I’d love to hear next April. I know all the pundits say Tebow’s not a pro-style QB; he has a slow release; and there’s doubt he can be an effective starter in this league.  Now, this pundit will tell you why he’s perfect for the Hawks.

  1. He’s a winner.  We need more of those. Two national championships in four years with a whole lot of wins.
  2. He’s a leader. We need more of those, too.
  3. No pressure to be a savior. Matt Hasselbeck can still play and he would learn from the all-time best QB in Seahawks history and a former Super Bowl QB. See Aaron Rodgers, Matt Hasselbeck, and Tom Brady for examples of guys who sat for a couple of years before bursting on the scene.
  4. The Wildcat Option. No disrespect to Seneca Wallace, but I’d much rather have a “Tebow Package” than a “Seneca Package.” If Jim Mora wants to run that option which is in vogue, I can’t think of another guy I’d rather have run it, except for maybe Pat White in Miami.
  5. Not gambling with a 1st Round pick. Tebow’s not going in the first round.  We can’t afford to miss there.  2nd and 3rd round picks offer more flexibility.
  6. Potential. If he never materializes into a starting NFL QB, so be it. He’s a guy who makes any team better with intangibles and athleticism. But, if there’s even a chance he can transfer his abilities eventually to the pros, he could be the steal of the draft and a great leader.

Here’s your chance to agree or disagree. Based off last night’s performance, I think it might be difficult to disagree, but you have your shot anyway.  Please comment on this blog and let the debate begin.  BTW – I appreciate all the comments I get on Facebook, but if you wouldn’t mind commenting on the blog, then more people will be able to be engaged and debating.

Tim Tebow in Seattle.  It has the right ring to it!


5 thoughts on “The Case For Tim Tebow and the Seahawks

  1. Hi Dan – I agree that he had a great bowl game to end his college career and I was actually a little surprised how much he actually looked like a QB in that game. In previous games he would carry the ball much too much for a QB and that took away from his passing stats. On one point I disagree with you. I would not want the Seahawks to pick him as a QB because I feel that even if he sits and learns behind Hasselbeck, he would still be considered a decent backup (like Seneca) but not a full time starter. I do agree that he has tremendous leadership skills and he will work his butt off. I would actually like to see him converted to a FB in the NFL. He could also run a few plays out of the wildcat formation. That is where the Seahawks could use him in my opinion. Just not at QB.

    1. I remember hearing that Doug Flutie was too short and his game would never convert to the pros. The experts there were wring as Flutie had a long and successful career as a starter.

      1. I can think of a few others (Dave Krieg is one) where they were given no chance at making it in the NFL. On the other hand, I can also think of other QBs that were predicted to do great things in the NFL and they never made it (Ryan Leaf was one of the biggest busts). Switching to baseball, Jamie Moyer was told many times to give it up and look at him now. If Tebow is drafted in the later rounds and ends up being a big contributor, then he would be a steal for whoever drafts him.

        By the way, I love your idea of having Jim Zorn coming back to be the Seahawks OC.

  2. Dave Krieg and Jamie Moyer are excellent examples. However, they weren’t the kind of big-time athlete Tebow is. #15 nationally coming out of high school, Heisman Trophy, two-time national champion. I guarantee you he will be picked up no later than the third round. He will be a winner in the NFL – you heard it here first. (Well, maybe not first, but you get it)

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