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Monday Morning QB #2 – Time to blow up the Hawks…

1 – It’s clear after yesterday’s debacle, that it’s time to  blow the Seahawks up. Mike Holmgren will not return in any capacity, the team is looking for fresh blood at the GM position, and it’s now time to begin re-building. This is clearly not about effort as many of you may think. This is about one word – talent. Or, lack thereof. Yes, there may be a few who aren’t putting forth their optimal effort. On a 53-man team, that’s inevitable. But the bottom line here is that this time has no talent on the offensive or defensive lines, no consistent depth, and not enough nasty. Other than Max Unger, Ray Willis, and Brandon Mebane, it may be time to overhaul the entire lot…now.

2 – Do we expect any more Christmas gifts from Trader Jack? Jack Zduriencik let us open a lot of packages early last week by delivering Chone Figgins, Cliff Lee, and Milton Bradley. This Mariners team, who like the Hawks were in rebuilding mode just 14 months ago, are now in championship contender mode. You heard me.  Why limit our dreams to a divisional championship. Jack says he’s not done and I believe him. Take what we’ve added to an 85-win team and there is no reason to believe that if we hit the playoffs, we can’t contend for a World Series. What a way to send Junior out, right?  This is a Spring Training that I can’t wait to start!

3 – Steve Sarkisian and his staff are 6 weeks away from announcing their Class of 2010 recruits, led by Nick Montana.  If Team Sarkisian is going to make a lasting legacy on this program, it begins with recruiting. Should be fun to watch the weeks unfold.

As always, I welcome your comments and questions. Let ’em rip!


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning QB #2 – Time to blow up the Hawks…

  1. Dan – see Steve Kelly’s column about the Seahawks & Holmgren in the Times this morning?
    The thing that annoyed me was “no disrespect to Kasey Keller, but…” (and then proceeded to negatively mention Mr. Keller a few more times in that column – totally undeserved.)
    The Sounders are a franchise on that I know Mr. Allen was also involved in. Hope when he looks at the Hawks in the next few weeks, he reflects on what went so well for the Sounders last summer.
    And yes, work is fairly slow, how did you guess? 🙂

  2. Dan – I agree with you on all 3 points. The Seahawks need to start new from the top down. They need tough and nasty players on both sides of the ball. I like the moves Trader Jack has made so far and I don’t think he is done yet. It would be nice to get another big left handed bat and the pitching can always be improved. Sark and UW are looking good but I still see some big holes to fill next year. If those kids work hard again in the weight room like they did last year, that will be a good start.

  3. Thanks Mike. I live in a house full of women so it’s always nice to know someone agrees with me on all my points!

    Recruiting will be the key for Sark. Who knows, he may even find a few freshman who can play right away and contribute.

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