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The Rules of Engagement

Who do you root for – your home team or fantasy player going against them?

I was chatting with a buddy who told me his fantasy football league has a rule that you can’t play your fantasy QB against the Seahawks.  That’s crazy!  Now, I’m as big a Hawks fan as there is, but there’s got to be some sanity here.  I certainly don’t advocate brazenly rooting against your team, but there is a middle ground.  Here’s my position…

You always root for your team to win.  In professional sports, it’s the bottom line.  However, you also root for your fantasy players to be competitive.  For me, that’s a 15 point week for a QB, RB, or WR.  Get some points, don’t go crazy, lose to my team, but help my fantasy team.  Easy.  Now, if it’s a blow out either way, you give the benefit of the doubt to your fantasy players.  We’ve got to be real, right?

This is all easy for me to say this week as my fantasy team won the regular season and gets a BYE this week.  My QB is Matt Schaub who goes up against Seattle.  However, had this been a playoff game for me, Schaub would have been in and I would have been rooting for a 45-42 Seahawks win!

Here’s hoping you slide in ahead of the tag today!


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