Vintage Adds Soul to Your Home

Some vintage accessories at Found, in Poulsbo.

What are the differences between a “decorated” home and an authentic one? How can I make my home feel more like a reflection of who I am, who my family is, and be less concerned with it just looking pretty? These are the types of soul-searching questions I have been pondering lately. Don’t be fooled, I also want my home to look beautiful, but I want it to feel real, lived-in, and happy. Not contrived. One of the ways I personalize my home is through vintage furnishings.

This Sunday, in the Life section of the Sun, I’ll touch on the idea of adding vintage soul to your home; how mixing furnishings from different time periods give a home character and how collections of vintage accessories speak to your personality. Even refinishing an old piece creates a story and can imbue your environment with authenticity. How does vintage inspire your life at home?

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