Five More Fall Decor Ideas

I hope you had a chance to read my piece in Sunday’s paper featuring ideas on how to display the natural beauty of fall’s bounty indoors. As usual, I had too many ideas to include, and not enough time to get them all done. I’d like to share what I wasn’t able to fit in, to keep the fall decor DIY vibe going.

A natural fall wreath. I had hoped to make a grapevine wreath and add some bits of fall color. Use a plain grapevine wreath from JoAnn Fabrics and add cuttings from your yard for fall color and greenery. You could even attach a little decorative gourd.

12" Grapevine Wreath,, $3.99.
12″ Grapevine Wreath,, $3.99.

Metallic painted votive holders add ambiance and subtle glamour, especially when nestled close to a pumpkin. I’ve got some plain glass votive holders that could stand a little sparkle. Use Target’s Hand Made Modern multi-surface craft paint and painter’s tape to mask the votive holder with straight or intersecting lines.  The paint comes in all shades of metallic from Rose Gold to Steel.

Hand Made Modern Paint,, $2.49.
Hand Made Modern Paint,, $2.49.


A welcoming burlap banner. Cut triangles or squares of burlap and stencil a seasonal message on them. String them onto a pretty fall colored ribbon and hang in your entry way over the mirror or in the dining room window. Staples has just the type of letter stencils I like.

higgins stencils
Higgins Letter Stencils at Staples, $18.94.

Pumpkin centerpieces oozing with fall flowers. I have done these in the past, with great results. You could use a craft pumpkin for something everlasting, or just pick up a small- or medium-sized pumpkin from the grocery store. Scoop out the seeds and place a vase or jar inside for your floral arrangement. Dahlias and Salal, with cuttings of textural grasses or other bushes would look brilliant.

9" Craft Pumpkin at Michael's, $8.49.
9″ Craft Pumpkin at Michael’s, $8.49.


Glittering taper candles in simple candlesticks. Coat plain white taper candles with two layers of Mod Podge to ensure even coverage. Pour glitter into a shirt-box top, place the candle in and shake to coat. Do just one candle at a time. Let them dry on a piece of parchment paper. Martha Stewart has some absolutely beautiful glitters, found at Michael’s craft store.

martha glitter

Since fall is well underway, I may just have to save these decor ideas for the winter season, but instead of pumpkins and copper paint, I’ll swap in evergreen branches and vintage glass glitter. Stay tuned…




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