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To The Retired Military Woman Who Called

To the woman who called saying you were retired military and now living in a Midwest state.

You had read my article Soldiers and Constrictive Bronchiolitis, in the Kitsap Sun…I have twice called the number you left. You sounded concerned and scared.
I do not know or care how you got my phone number…just that you or anyone else who needs more information, get in touch with me anytime and/or email/call the original reporter, Carole Bartoo or Dr. Miller – both at Vanderbilt Edu

I have called Carole Bartoo, reporter, who has written about this overlooked travesty four years. I passed on your information, including your phone number.


E-mail reporter@vanderbilt.edu or call the Office of News and Public Affairs at (615) 322-4747.


, “Our Returning Soldiers and Constrictive Bronchiolitis.…
Too many of our returning soldiers have it – the Agent Orange of 2010 – lung disease leading to the good, the bad and the ugly.

Read more: http://pugetsoundblogs.com/copd-and-other-stuff/page/2/#ixzz0rnajJzpd


Soldiers’ mysterious lung disease identified

2/12/2010 – As the Chief Warrant Officer in charge of maintenance for the Blackhawk helicopters flown by 101st Airborne soldiers in Iraq, 52-year-old Jimmy Williams says, he always felt protective of the young servicemen and women he worked with overseas.
Now, Williams has come to Vanderbilt University Medical Center seeking an invasive procedure — one that won’t do anything at all for his health. But it’s one he hopes might help some of those younger soldiers.



Best wishes to all.

More later… Sharon O’Hara

Faces of a Military Family

Jon's Family
This little girl deserves to have her military parent TRAINED to protect himself/herself against air toxins

The “Constrictive Bronchiolitis, Jon Carr, Vanderbilt U Honor Memorial Day”
post yesterday didn’t show the face of a military family so I’ve posted one here. Military faces of family are varied and I will post any military family photo sent to me.
What happens to our military force happens to all of us.

Commander-in-Chief…Stop looking away and train our troops to protect their lungs..

A sailor, a soldier, a marine, air force, coast guard all have families. Our military MEANS familiy. Whatever happens to each military member, happens to their entire family.
Any nilitary family who sends me a photo will see it here.
Our military is families. Show them.