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Bartenders Win! And Improve Their Health in Wisconsin by 36 Percent – Skol!

For what it’s worth: Smoking can lead to really bad stuff.  I know.  I smoked forty years and enjoyed every cigarette.  When I ended up hospitalized and non-smoking that enjoyment turned into a craving I’d never felt before and the craving for a cigarette became agony when I stopped smoking in 1997.  I learned what addiction really means to a drug addict.  Anyone who thinks smoking can’t become an addiction – talk to me.

This study from the University of Wisconsin showed bartenders (36 %) improved their health after the statewide ban on smoking in public places.


Study shows statewide law associated with improved bartender health.

March 14, 2011

Study shows decreases in secondhand smoke exposure and respiratory symptoms

The Impact of Wisconsin’s Statewide Smoke-Free Law on Bartender Health and Attitudes, a study of 531 Wisconsin bartenders before and after Wisconsin enacted its statewide smoking ban, shows eight smoking-related upper respiratory health symptoms were reduced by as much as 36 percent. A baseline survey was conducted two months before the ban went into effect, with a follow-up survey conducted three to six months after the state law. The study included urban and rural areas of Wisconsin and was limited to bartenders who worked in establishments that allowed smoking before the law and were smoke-free after the statewide ban.

Learn more about Tobacco Surveillance and Evaluation Research conducted by CUIR in collaboration with Wisconsin’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program.


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