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Cellulitis and Lymphedema – Bah Humbug!

Cellulitis/Lymphedema is nasty.  Did I mention it is painful?  Moreover, it takes ‘forever’ to heal – or so it seems.  This time, the weeping sores have spread all the way around my lower left leg.

Seeing the blood on the old pads covering the wounds was new.  The blood was new but I was told by a medical person when I called the office that it meant the skin was healing and not to worry.  Well.  Okay.

I am not worried either that yesterday in the shower hunks of skin sloughed off my leg.  The stinging and burning was harsher than usual but I could not see what my husband was talking about until I saw the photos he took of my leg before he rewrapped it.

The medical person who told me my leg was healing might be wrong.  According to her, I should have healed last week.

Nothing, this time, resembles what has happened with prior cellulitis/lymphedema ‘attacks’.

What have other patients done to help heal cellulitis/lymphedema?  I don’t know what to do next.  What we’ve been doing isn’t working.

Beginning to feel like a monkey swinging off the end of a branch high up on a snag tree in the middle of a windstorm – I know storms abate and wounds heal!

Thanks for reading… Sharon O’Hara


Lymphedema Stockings, Cream and Garden Gloves

Greetings!  Following are a few photos showing how to get compression stocking on step by step.  Each patient is different and what works for me/us, may not work for anyone else…ask your doctor.

That said, Mellissa Mercogliano of Center for Orthopedic & Lymphatic Physical Therapy in Port Orchard has not seen these photos and may note that we may be off from what she taught us  and  is not responsible for it.  She IS responsible for educating us and  leading to comforting and pain free leg wraps.

Part 3 of 4

More later…. Sharon O’Hara