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Cellulitis brings a new depth of being and the best shoes in Kitsap County

COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease for many people is only the beginning of a series of medical conditions.  For me the latest is Cellulitis/Lymphedema – nasty painful stuff…you do not want.  Apparently, COPD trips the immune system for some of us leaving us open to whatever comes down the pike.  Lessons to be learned – do not let COPD develop.

Find a doctor willing to give a four-minute Spirometry test with annual physicals for early detection COPD and other issues, including asthma.  COPD leads down a path you might well avoid with early detection.

Cellulitis and Lymphedema can arrive by ignoring edema, as I did for years after my COPD diagnosis.  If you have edema, follow your doctor’s instructions to get rid of it.  Cut out the salt –whatever it takes – do it to avoid what is now for me, a chronic medical issue. Did I mention painful?  Do whatever it takes to avoid it…beginning with COPD early detection Spirometry.

The photos show the progression of this session of ER diagnosed Cellulitis and the good results from the quick action of the Harrison ER team, Dr. Jeffrey Morse, Tessie and Florida Girl.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0001858/#adam_000855.disease.causes

Cellulitis pain is a great leveler…after days and weeks of it, I can’t find my notes from the ER.  Tessie and Florida Girl are RN’s working the shift and the care they give er patients is extraordinary.

The plus side – it has been over a year since the last open weeping and leg pain thanks to getting patient education and lessons on wrapping legs from Mellissa Mercogliano, PT, OCS at the Center for Orthopedic & Lymphatic Physical Therapy in Port Orchard.

No water workout until this stuff heals.