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Sleep Apnea, Humidifier, Mask and Blood

Speaking of Sleep Apnea and sleeping with a mask – reminds me of another first on the morning some months ago, I awoke feeling liquid inside and around the outside of my mask.

I shook my head, ripped the mask off and turned on the light. Blood was everywhere. Blood smeared and puddled inside my mask, over sheets, pillow, and worse, smeared over a brand new white down cover.

The blood, some dried, looked worse than it was streaked over my face, hands and arms. I felt fine.
I’d been sleeping without the humidifier only for a short time wondering if using it really made a difference.

On my next doctor visit, I told her what happened and she thought the nosebleed could have been because my air passages were too dry. I hooked it up again.

A few days earlier though we’d had a family dinner (Mother’s Day, I think), something stuck me so funny I laughed until my stomach hurt and the back of my head felt like it was splitting in two… a massive headache.
I have had nosebleeds before but never while sleeping, much less wearing a mask covering my nose.

Headaches are awful things other people have…not me…until COPD and Other Stuff give me one when I laugh too hard. No other time…only those rare times something is so funny I laugh until tears roll and stop when the back of my head pounds in pain.

I know other people have had the same experiences – you are not alone, will you talk about it?

More later… Sharon O’Hara