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Bremerton and Navy Success and the West Sound Cycling Club Booth Photos

The new downtown Bremerton IS beautiful… but right now she is similar to a pretty girl all dressed up and no place to go.

We need more Health and Safety Fairs and next time run Kitsap Transit buses to bring people in to the event. We also need passenger boats and Kitsap Transit to bring people in from the outlying districts.

The new Bremerton is a dream place for the possibilities of ultimate luxury healthy living…if a person can imagine walking and cycling pathways throughout Bremerton downtown and meandering through the neighborhoods.

See what Steven Gardner wrote about the folks in the Union Hill neighborhood transforming itself.


Imagine the new lovely downtown expanding itself outward block by block with neighborhood walking and cycling pathways providing walking and cycling transportation and healthier citizens….just imagine the tax payer dollar savings in future medical costs through healthier people due to the energetic outdoor living lifestyle.

The walking and cycling pathways would cross the new Manette Bridge into the homey and interesting Manette neighborhood and shops to browse.

When Port Orchard/South Kitsap gets their walking cycling pathways, they will be a splendid place to cycle and visitors can cross by the little ferry or around through Gorst.

The following photographs were taken by Chuck O’Hara (he is the nice guy who helps me out) at the recent Health and Safety Fair when he took two recumbent trikes down to the West Sound Cycling Club booth for a few hours to show n tells.

West Sound Cycling at the Bremerton Navy Health and Safety Fair.

More later… Sharon O’Hara