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Quest for Better Health: Whatever It Takes!

Quest for Better Health: Whatever It Takes!

The Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc.’s recent 23rd Annual Education Conference’s rallying cry for 2010 is the best I’ve seen anywhere, for any disease, for any life standard. It gives me the nerve to publically ask for help.

Quest for Better Health: Whatever It Takes!

Following are a few quotes from the warm welcome given the Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc. participants by S. Joseph Simitian, State Senator, 11th District that can be applied to all medical conditions.

“…event is a valuable opportunity to bring people together to share the latest information … treatment, research, and services…. applaud the conference participants, volunteers and staff …for their efforts to provide education and support for individuals living with … raising awareness … and the need for continued research, you …make a difference.”


Quest for Better Health: Whatever It Takes!

Who will join me to work together for one common goal, lose obese weight for medical and health reasons through education and practice of proper nutrition and exercise?

Each of us would become active participants by taking turns to research different nutrition and exercise topics and become a speaker to our group. We will learn and teach each other…a fun and educational commitment.

I hope that we will have professionals assist from time to time…otherwise, we’re patients helping patients.

If we are a small group, we can meet in my ex living room turned exercise room. It contains a treadmill, elliptical, recumbent trike, bow flex, dumb bells and a few other items.

The price is your time to get healthy through research, nutrition and exercise. In addition, for me, it is the support a group of like minded people can supply to help me do what I must…drop this weight. I’d like to meet at least three times a week…but I’m flexible.

Quest for Better Health: Whatever It Takes!

For more information or to offer suggestions, call 360-337-1454 and ask for Sharon.

A friend has even offered $1,000. to the person who loses the most weight in seven months.

More later… Sharon O’Hara

Fun, Good Health and Safety tips Meet Up in Bremerton Next Week

Don’t miss it! For early detection COPD, free Spirometry tests are offered at the upcoming 2nd annual Health and Safety Exposition next week in Bremerton.
The public packed information and freebie event runs 18th – 19 August 2010 at the Kitsap Conference Center and extending exhibits along the Harborside boardwalk.
The City of Bremerton and the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Intermediate Maintenance Facility), teamed with others to educate the public on the latest in health and safety…concerns that matter to most of us living in our earthquake fault prone area.

Here is a list of exhibitors…some I want to visit just to know what they do…intriguing names.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is the 4th leading cause of death in the US, 5th in the world. A disease that takes usually twenty years before the patient has symptoms enough to mention to their doctor. By then about 50% of their lungs are permanently destroyed.

The hope and reality is that early detection can make the difference in a long slow smother or not. The Spirometry test can change life forever in the battle against COPD. Early detection can stop it in its slow lung-destroying mode.

Find the COPD Foundation exhibit on the boardwalk and sign up for the free Spirometry test. Please.

Harrison Hospital Sleep Disorder is another ‘got to see’ exhibit stop. The value of their work cannot be understated; I sleep with a bi-pap that keeps my airway open, thanks to such a sleep study done years ago. Before my bi-pap I once fell asleep in my eye doctors waiting room full of people and awakened to loud snoring …mine…and a few stares and kind smiles

I have to ask them about desaturating while asleep and if the blood/oxygen numbers mean anything when taken while the patient is asleep.

Kitsap Physical Therapy & Sports Clinic is another ‘don’t miss’…especially if you like cycling. They not only do a great rehab job with good people, Anna Marx actually rode her recumbent bike in the recent Seattle to Portland ride. Ask how she did if you see her.

West Sound Cycling Club will be there…a super group of riders in a local club holding rides for cyclists at different levels and ages. They might have a recumbent trike or two there to show seniors and physically challenged people that cycling fun isn’t over…it is only the beginning to a fit and active life again….in my opinion.

Following is a list of exhibitors…our lifeline to good health and safety at work and in our environment … all FREE.

2010 WSSHE Vendors
Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Kitsap County Chiropractic PSNS Shop 11 – Gas Free
Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. Kitsap County Domestic Violence Task Force Puget Sound Blood Center
ADT Security Services Kitsap County Emerg Mgmt Agency Puget Sound Clean Air
Advanced Wellness & Rehab Kitsap Family YMCA Puget Sound Naval Shipyard – SERT
Alpine Chiropractic Kitsap Physical Therapy & Sports Clinics REPCON NW/Skillers Workwear and Impacto Protective Products
American Red Cross Kitsap Safety Skookum
Bayside Chiropractic Kitsap Suicide Prevention Task Force The Personal Touch
Conner Hearing Aid Clinic Life Force Chiropractic Thermal Body Scan NW
COPD Foundation MADD Tingley Rubber Corporation
Crime Victim Assistance Center Majestic Glove TriWest Healthcare Alliance
Department of Ecology Martha & Mary Health & Rehabilitation TSI Inc.
Dept of Veterans Affairs Massage Network Solutions Washington Dept. of Labor & Industries
Emergency Medical Training Associates Miracle Alley Training & Development Washington Prescription Drug Program Discount Card
Equipois Inc. MOLDEX, INC Washington State Department of Ecology & Kitsap Ccounty Moderate Hazardous Waste Fac (SHARING 8′ TABLE PLS)
Everest College MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Co. Washington State Department of Ecology Air Quality Program
Explorer Search and Rescue National Center for Missing & Exploited Children West Sound Cycling Club
Fleet & Family Support Services Naval Hospital Health Promotion Island Health & Rehab
G. Baldwin Marketing Naval Hospital Health Promotion and USS John C. Stennis PT Kitsap Credit Union in addition to $500 also providing bags $1800
Grainger Navy Region NW Motorcycle Safety Sound Health Care Center
Green Team & Fresh Local Nikken Independent Wellness Consultant KPS Health Plans
Harrison Hospital, Sleep Disorder Center North Coast Electric Assistant Production Superintendent APS Assoc
Home Instead North Kitsap Chapter ABATE of Washington Union Table – BMTC
Honeywell Old Dominion University Costco
Kid Zone – 4-H Olympus & Associates Kitsap County Health District
Kid Zone – Master Gardners WSU Extension Pelican Products, Inc.
PSNS Women in Trades Committee Kid Zone PSNS C/106.22 Hearing/Ergonomics


Linda Fulton
Office Assist/Cartegraph-Tech
City of Bremerton, PW&U
Bremerton, WA

Hope to see you there!

More later… Sharon O’Hara