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Early Detection COPD Spirometry Thrives in Trichur, India

The Pulmonary Club of Trichur, India is again ahead of us here in Kitsap County. Following is the announcement of their second patient, physician meeting and the date of the third meeting. Of major importance is that they did Spirometry testing for early detection on twenty more patients.

Early detection seems to be an important theme for the pulmonary physicians in India and they’ve stepped up to the plate of preventative medicine and early detection for COPD. Congratulations to your dedicated pulmonary doctors in India!

{The second meeting of the club for COPD patients was held on 28 Mar2010 at Trichur.

Patients had interaction among each other and further clarified by medical faculty.
Spirometry was done for 20 patients and a few more were registered.

The concept of early diagnosis and relevance of spirometry was stressed.

The next meeting for patients is scheduled on the first Sunday of May.}

Dr V P Gopinathan
For Pulmonology Club,Trichur.