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Karen Eady, MD and What Can Happen If …


This is a public thank you to my primary doctor, Karen Eady, MD and a story of what can happen when a patient refuses their doctors advice.

I’ve never liked full physical exams, mostly because of the vulnerable feeling I had with my feet in the stirrups and my bare bottom edging over the end of the exam table and some years ago (after gaining all the weight after COPD and quitting a forty year smoking habit) I said NO to more physical exams.

I told my doctor I didn’t want to have another pap smear or physical, nor did I want my two memories squeezed in a mammogram vise any longer. Year after year, she asked and I said, “no, thank you, Dr. Eady.”

It doesn’t matter how I justified my refusals, year after year I made the choice not to have them.

The trouble is- I now have a huge mass, cyst, tumor, whatever you want to call it that didn’t grow overnight.  The chances are a physical exam would have caught it earlier.
“tumors are often found during routine gynecological exams”


Karen Eady, MD is an Angel on Earth right here in Kitsap County – Bremerton to be exact –and is my primary doctor.  Dr. Eady was kind enough to take me when I asked her after Dr. Steele died over a decade ago.  She has kept me on and advised me ever since even though her specialty is Diabetes and I don’t have it.

Wasting time in regret is pointless.  I’m writing this here to suggest that sometimes the consequences of our medical choices become chickens coming home to roast.

I am also thanking Dr. Eady for all the years she has put up with me – not always a good patient or a prompt one.

God Bless you, Dr. Eady.

Thank you for all the years you have helped me move from one medical thing to another.  Additionally, thank you for the great people you recommended who have helped guide me through this COPD and Other Stuff.

With love and heartfelt thanks, your grateful patient and friend, Sharon O’Hara

Public Health Department Continues to Spurn Spirometry Testing

Following are a few comments – in part – I had written in response to an article in the Kitsap Sun. that will help explain the importance of early detection Spirometry testing.

You be the judge – are the following comments still valid today, as I believe they are? Sharon

Posted by familien1 on November 9, 2008 at 4:53 p.m. (……

The Washington State Department of Health lists the following diseases of interest to them.

Chronic Disease (Section Overview)
Coronary Heart Disease
Female Breast Cancer
Invasive Cervical Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Lung Cancer
Melanoma of the Skin

Note that COPD, the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S., 5th leading killer in the world, is not on the list.

Cancer is of interest to the Department of Health KNOWING COPD KILLS more people per year than Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer combined –main cause – smoking.

Cancer caused by smoking is important to public health – COPD is not.

Asthma kills an estimated 5000 people a year in the United States…


COPD claims about 120000 deaths a year in the US. www.medscape.com/viewarticle/553196

Why is Asthma important while COPD killing 115,000 more people a year is not important to the Washington State Department of Health?

Diabetes is the 5th leading cause of death in the US, right behind COPD.

Why does public health care more about Diabetes patients than COPD patients?

“…OMG, I swear if I hear one more word about COPD from Sharon O’Hara I am going to scream.”

…until you people start caring and 120,000 people a year stop dying of COPD from … callous indifference, I will continue talking about COPD.


Washington State Department of Health
101 Israel Rd SE, PO Box 47890
Olympia, WA 98504-7890

In 2005, the Washington Asthma Initiative adopted the Washington State Asthma Plan, 17 a
The Health of Washington State, 2007 updated: 12/07/2007
Washington State Department of Health

(Spirometry) Early detection of COPD might alter its course and progress. ¦ Avoiding tobacco smoke, home and workplace air pollutants, and respiratory infections are key to preventing the initial development of COPD.

Most primary doctors have failed to provide Spirometry testing for early detection of COPD…

COPDers, caregivers, friends and family – fight for your right to live! Fight for research! Fight for early detection and Spirometry testing!

Posted by familien1 on November 9, 2008 at 7:41 p.m. (Suggest removal)

(A blogger made the following comment and I responded to it.)

“There is currently no effective way to make COPD go away once it occurs, unlike other diseases.”

NO disease could ‘go away’ without the research and studies to bring them under control.

Early detection (Spirometry) can slow down or stop the disease from progressing.
COPD is slow developing.

Oddly enough while the majority of COPDers were smokers, only about 20% smokers get COPD.

NO senior with or without disease would put their own life ahead of a child’s life. NONE. Would your own parents or grandparents?

Why it is okay …that older smoking caused Cancer patients deserve treatment and research while older COPD patients do not?

What are the odds that COPD is usually diagnosed later in life because doctors refuse to give patients a Spirometry test for early detection?

Latest studies show COPD is being diagnosed in younger people.

…Spirometry testing doesn’t matter to those older folks already diagnosed with COPD — they care about Spirometry testing because they don’t want their children and grandchildren – nor your children to get what they have.

Early detection could make the difference.

Environment plays a part in getting COPD – remember the firefighters at 9-11?

… Let the taxpayers pay for something worth lives…early detection Spirometry testing.

Sharon O’Hara