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DOT, Department of Licensing Discriminate Against Cane Users?

When did the Department of Transportation begin discriminating against physically challenged cane users and seniors?  Seniors since most cane users I have seen are seniors.  Has the discrimination been there long?

The rule isn’t mentioned nor stated on the DOT Driver’s License Division web site that all cane users must retake the driving test to renew their license.  I did not see it there and last Wednesday I walked into the license place unprepared for the long wait for nothing.

After driving there and waiting almost an hour for my number 383 to be called, I was told I would have to take the driver’s test because all cane users must take it.  She didn’t care that mine are walking sticks so I said okay, let’s go and learned the driver’s test is given once a week on Fridays.  I pointed out that nothing was mentioned on the web site and she apparently logged into it and looked but finally muttered, “it must the there – somewhere.”

I pointed out the wasted time and energy – gas – to get there only to be told of the cane mandatory retesting and it could not be done then.  The retesting is not an issue.  The wasted time and gas to get there was pointless when cane users could have phoned for an appointment and made one trip.

When we got home, I called the DOT to complain and after a 10 – 15 minute ‘hold’ was told they could not take phone appointments because they couldn’t believe what anyone told them over the phone – they had to be seen in person.  Oh, please!  What non-cane user would call and tell them they use canes to walk and want to make the appointment to take the driver’s test?  Nobody I know.

Again – why are seniors and cane users discriminated against by the DOT, Division of Licensing?

An update of yesterday’s driving test later…thanks for reading…. Sharon O’Hara