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Seniors, Walking Sticks and Driver’s License Renewal


The second time around is good -I passed the Driver’s Test!

Walking Sticks and gray hair still cover a working brain, mobility and the ability to drive.


Seniors using Walking Sticks (canes) does not mean brain dead and immobile.

That said:  If seniors using walking sticks are required to take the driving test as I was told,  it should say so on the website and driver’s manual.  Discrimination against seniors using walking sticks is unreasonable and unfair.

The following photo is taken directly off the Driver’s Manual online…and is what I expected to see at the first driver’s test and what one would see during the normal course of a driving day.




See the cars…not the reality of the actual Parallel Parking test in Bremerton, WA.  They should match actual driving conditions.

I shot this photo (Friday, 10 June 14, 2011) before the second driving test.  Bright orange cones instead of cars are the reality in Bremerton, WA for the Parallel Parking test and probably other places as well.  I am suggesting that cones be used in the Driver’s Manual instead of the cars or that actual cars are used for the test.

Please do not discriminate against folks (seniors) using walking sticks by not warning them they will be retested another day.  Mention it online and in the manual.

My thanks to the professional folks at the DOT Bremerton Driver’s License Division for their professionalism and courtesy.




Thanks for reading… Sharon O’Hara