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Boob Voyage Party

Cindy - before breast reduction
Cindy – before breast reduction

Boob Voyage Party

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Breast Reduction, Also known as, breast reduction surgery removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body and to alleviate the discomfort associated with overly large breasts.”


Some women are born with the genes to grow the unwieldy, heavy huge breasts that can work to make their lives challenging and think about surgery, but hesitate.  Sometimes hesitate for years, a lifetime.

Cindy Dillion, 62, finally had enough earlier this year and determined to find a plastic surgeon to remove the excess burden of her oversize breasts.

Cindy’s sister had breast reduction done 35 years ago.  When the doctor asked what bra size, she wanted to be she answered – her only criteria – make breasts smaller and point my nipples, “nipples pointed at the sky.”   Thirty-five years later, Cindy’s sister declares her nipples still “point at the sky.”

Cindy’s body was marked before surgery – sculpted according to her plastic surgeon artistic eye and examination of the patients shape.  No to the fancy ‘starburst’ nipple – just smaller, balanced and each boob should be  looking ahead.  No pointy nipples. 

Cindy lost five pounds off her breasts and another four pounds off her body when they liposuctioned the fat around her belly, shoulders and back.

In the six and a half weeks since the operation, she has lost twenty-one pounds and got more than she bargained for when her body rejected the stitches – she was allergic to them.  Ten days post operation she developed an opening, by the twelfth day the slight opening was open around the nipple and caused the drain hole to shift.  An infection followed, leading to extraordinary effort from her long time husband – the husband she now calls, “Rock Star.” 

The couple turned one of their empty nest bedrooms into a spotlessly clean medical wound changing room where twice a day Rock Star follows doctor’s orders, changing the wrapping, and helping his wife heal through his devoted attention to the wounds. 

Cindy cannot bring herself to look at her wounds, as her husband does, but noted she can now see her nipples for the first time in fifteen years AND noted her active support group had their “Boob Voyage” party and look forward to the next one – the   BraBeque Party!   (burning of the old painful reminder bras)

Her bra size at the time of the operation was 42 K and Cindy guesses she may drop back to the 36 D-bra size she has not seen in twenty-five years. 

Cindy’s Seattle doctor is surgeon Mary Lee Peters, M.D.  I was impressed upon learning the doctor did not ask what bra size Cindy wanted since, it seems to me,  a good plastic surgeon should be medically artistic enough to take the patient’s body size and frame, in consideration to make the judgment call for each individual.  Hip, hip – hooray!

Insurance did not cover the cost of Cindy’s Breast Reduction – their deductible was too high and the out of pocket cost was $13,000 .00 $9,000.00 for breasts and $4,000.00 for the liposuction[S1] . 

Cindy and Rock Star Hubby

Cindy healing into a new size
Cindy healing into a new size

 [S1]Cindy Dillion is a professional Realtor working out of the Coldwell Banker Bain office in Gig Harbor.  She will talk to anyone who has Support Garments until she healsNew curves comingquestions about one of the most underrated medical procedures I know – surgery to get relief from the pain and weight of oversize breasts.   

Thanks for listening… Sharon O’Hara <familien1@comcast.net>

to get relief from the pain and weight of oversize breasts.