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Olympic College Nursing Class of 2012 Pinning Ceremony

Olympic College pinned their 2012 Nursing School graduates Saturday, 9 June 2012 at Bremerton High School auditorium.  Enthusiastic family and friends filled the school and I was surprised to see the number of nursing volunteer mentors of our Kitsap County new nursing graduates as they were called to stand up in recognition of their two-year scholastic efforts.

From personal experience, I know the caring, giving nature of the nursing staff at Harrison Medical Center but had not realized so many Kitsap County nurses gave heartwarming volunteer involvement with the nursing students at OC.

The class of 2012.  Pinning, Chris Stokke, RN, MN

Proud brother, Uriah Hawkins and his son, Gabriel watches the ceremony. Wife Christine and mother of Gabe could not attend – she was working with patients at Harrison Medical Center.

Josh Peglow and son, Malachi.  Health care runs in this family.  Josh works with patients at Martha and Mary Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Poulsbo as did his wife, Shantie before she entered the nursing program at Olympic College.

Gabriel and Aunt Shantie

Laughing new graduate and her new nursing pin

Shantie and Josh Peglow and children, Cheyenne and Malachi join good friends, Deborah and Wayne with children Chris, Nick, Rebecka and Caroline

Glen and Kim Peglow and Shanties Aunt Julia Booth

The Nightingale Pledge

“I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully.

I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug.  I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in their work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.”

Congratulations Graduates!

Thanks for reading … Sharon O’Hara

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