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Dr. Halligan, Harrison Medical Center, Lymphedema Update – Part 3 of 3

Thanks to four weeks at Harrison Medical Center Bremerton, Dr. Halligan, Doctor’s Clinic Silverdale and Martha & Mary Rehab Center in Poulsbo and my husband, Chuck, the latest annoying, painful Lymphedema outbreak is almost healed.

I hope with continued use of support stockings, I will never again see the open, painful weeping sores running down my lower legs.

Ignoring edema can lead to nasty painful Lymphedema outbreaks – not a place to go, folks – listen to your doctor.

The last two Lymphedema lesions might have healed months ago had not RLS or whatever the problem is, not raised havoc then and now forcing me to stand and move – the direct opposite of what I needed to do.

Following is Lymphedema By the Month Photos – from September 2011  to date.

And to think – it all started with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease after a forty year smoking history.

Thanks for reading…Sharon O’Hara

2 thoughts on “Dr. Halligan, Harrison Medical Center, Lymphedema Update – Part 3 of 3

  1. Oh, so glad to see that you are getting a little relief from the pain. It is so difficult to see someone you love in such pain. I almost put ZERO salt on my food and try to do the right things. What are your top five considerations to avoid this condition, Mom?

  2. Glad you asked, Julie! Ideally…

    First: Find a doctor you trust and respect to form a partnership with her/him in your health care and be involved in your own healthcare.

    Second: Keep moving and exercise, if nothing other than walking – keep moving.

    Third: Eat nutritional food in moderate amount.

    Fourth: Live life to the fullest, be passionate about what you do.

    Fifth: Never, ever give up.

    Honestly, Julie – for me, smoking and COPD began the process. We’re all different and most of us do the best we can. I didn’t take the edema seriously enough. My error.

    Thanks for asking! Stay well! Mom

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