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Meet a Medical Miracle Baby – Gabriel Ryder Hawkins

Gabriel Ryder Hawkins is a medical miracle.  He is alive.  Moreover this joy filled little person is a reminder that miracles do happen thanks to stellar medical care.  He reminds me anew of life’s miracles and blessings here on earth.  Thanks to great medical care at Harrison and Mary Bridge in Tacoma and Dr. Ron Wood and his medical team especially..

Gabriel celebrated his first birthday on Tuesday with a birthday party and a  houseful of family and friends.  A year ago first time mom, Christine Jones gave birth in Harrison Medical Center where she has worked almost four years but baby Gabriel was not thriving and taken to Mary Bridge in Tacoma where Dr. Ron Wood and his medical team operated after three days of testing…his heart wasn’t working right and the new infant was fading.  {transpisition of the great arteries}  Gabriel was kept 14 days after the surgery and began thriving almost right away.  He is a lucky little person and his parents have a great support system in place headed by his Aunt Shantie, a future RN who helped explain what was happening to the worried young parents.

Following are a few photos of Lucky Little Prince giving a glimpse of the first year of life for this medical miracle baby.   Gabriel already has his first motorcycle awaiting him – tucked in between the two big motorcycles in the garage.

I should mention that Gabriel’s mom, Christine has been a CNA almost seven years, four years working with elders and takes classes to become an RN …Gabriel thrives in no small way because he gets love and superb medical care at home.  His daddy Uriah, does stuff to windows in high rises – he is a glazier.

Thanks for reading….Sharon O’Hara

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