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Harrison’s Lungs and Heart are Alive and Well for Kitsap County – They Care

Following is a response in part, from Joyce Belnap, RRT, and Supervisor of the

Respiratory Therapy Department at Harrison Medical Center in response to my blog post.

Lung patients in Kitsap County are in good hands – thank you for your response, Joyce .. …you are a breath saver.


“I received a copy of your email regarding our march Better Breathers.

Thank you for your feedback and insight.

I want you to know that we really enjoy having you at our meetings.  Your

presence and enthusiasm adds an extra light to the meeting.  I am especially

sad that we disappointed you in March and I  will take your suggestions and

implement them for April.   I will take your suggestions and implement them for April.

Soon after volunteering for Better Breathers, I was offered the position as the

new RT Supervisor, and along with my manager I have many goals to improve

care for the people in our community who suffer with respiratory conditions.

It will take time to accomplish all of our goals, and then replace them with new

goals for continued improvement.  Because of your input I will set a goal to

begin increasing our marketing for our April meeting.   Because of an extremely

high hospital census of respiratory patients currently, I will set my goal to begin

April 5th.

For our meeting times, I will personally stay through 3pm for anyone who may

come in later, past our speakers presentations.   Our speakers are volunteers from

other jobs and departments, and I don’t know that they will be able stay late for

that purpose, but I can certainly stay and pass on the education and answer questions,

for those with who have unexpected schedule changes.    I would be happy to do that.

I really enjoy my time with this, which is why I volunteered.

Thank you for being such a great voice and advocate for individuals

who are living, and suffering with chronic respiratory conditions.

Your passion is refreshing.

If you wish, please feel free to respond directly to me, with any more questions

or concerns.  I look forward to your future insight and input.

Joyce Belnap, RRT


Respiratory Therapy Department


More later… Sharon O’Hara

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