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Meet Lymphedema’s Healing Hands – Mellissa Right and Mellissa Left

Mellissa Mercogliano of Port Orchard’s Center for Orthopedic & Lymphatic Physical Therapy, is a Lymphedema patient’s healing and educational angel, in my opinion…and I am in no pain.  Following are a few photos of  Chuck”s wraps, thanks to Melissa’s tutoring – we’re getting better!  We use a mirror when I need to see what is going on and to take photos if need be.  The flashlight is an aid on an overcast day.

Mellissa’s healing hands

Melissa’s final touch…sensible, inexpensive masking tape to hold the wrap.  Note the herringbone elastic wrap to prevent the leg swelling edema to pop between the wrap like a striped swollen and puffy rising dough boy.

Melissa progressed this patient from someone who couldn’t stand the touch of the most delicate fabric against the skin of my lower legs to one who can.

Part 2 of 4

More later… Sharon O’Hara

3 thoughts on “Meet Lymphedema’s Healing Hands – Mellissa Right and Mellissa Left

  1. My mom has lymphedema in her leg also. She’s had it for 43 years. I’ve never seen her use the ribbed pad with her ace bandage wraps. I’m so glad it helped you!

    1. Treva…I’m sorry your mom has it…do the support stockings help her? I’ve not had the opportunity to talk to another person/patient about it. The pad fills in the space between the newly developed hard lumps and the leg bone and cushions the space between them . The wrap can be as tight as needed and not press against the lump and leg bone. The lump itself doesn’t hurt, the space around the base of it does if pressed.
      Thanks for commenting – greetings to your mom! Sharon

  2. She does have a support stocking, but chooses to use the ace bandages sometimes. I’m going to email her your blog postings, so she can see them too. (She lives in South Carolina.) Thanks for sharing with us!

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