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Lymphedema -oops

Greeting – I was in such a hurry to get Part 2 of 4 Lymphedema  posted today I lost  my whole post.

Please accept some photos of a COPD recumbent bike race in Wasco, Oregon. The race was for a great cause…all I had to do is finish the one and only bike race I’ve ever entered.  The cause was  COPD (we had one race just for COPDers and all I had to do to win was finish)

Wasco, Oregon is a fantastic, scenic beautiful area for a bike ride, race or anything else.  See for yourself…the cycling racers flat moved out!

My recumbent trike…the fellows had off loaded it a distance from the finish so I could ride into and through the ‘Finish’ line.  (No, I did not ‘Finish’)

A friendly car and Seattle cycler offered to pull me up a long – long – hill and I learned firsthand what a great straight tracking trike I had when I rode and steered with one hand.

There is my recumbent trike getting a fancy scenic ride on top of the car I sat in … I asked for the ride.  The finish line of the race I didn’t finish but rode across!  … One of life-s great memories and a road full of friendly, splendid cyclers…  Wasco, Oregon 2006 … thank you all!

More later…. Sharon O’Hara

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