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World COPD Day 2010 at Harrison Medical Center Silverdale Rose Room

Greetings!  Yesterday – for the first time so far as I know – a medical doctor (M.D.) took the time to speak to our little Kitsap County BB COPD Support Group about COPD.   His name is Benjamin Sy, MD, Medical Director, Critical Care and Respiratory Care Departments, Harrison Medical Center.  I didn’t know Harrison had such a department.  What other really great things are in store for COPDers and future CORDers?

A mew Spirometry machine for one thing!  NOTHING is more important than to check for early detection COPD – NOTHING!  Except for  COPD Research, of course.

Some of Harrison’s Finest

Port Orchard’s Carol Lowrie, 4th from right, was with us for World COPD Day in 2009

So – A Spirometry machine is coming to Kitsap County in my lifetime!

Early detection allows the person with front feet already on the COPD path to take a look at s/he options before traveling further down the path.

Harrison’s newly revived partnership with the American  Lung Association Better Breather’s Club next meeting date is December 15, 2010  1:30 – 3:30pm


More late… Sharon O’Hara

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