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Recumbent Trikes and Good Health Hand in Hand

The recumbent trike is God’s gift to the physically challenged.

The 3-day Trek Tri Island bike trip with the American Lung Association of Washington a few years ago was the first time I had left the house overnight in 7 years. Not since COPD and then Other Stuff began to hit.  Pedaling around the bay from the Port Townsend/Keystone ferry toward Oak Harbor was the first time in 7 years I felt normal again. The recumbent trike set me free.

The Mason county couple in the “What is COPD” tee, ride for good health,  fun and exercise. 

Hey, Trikes are Fun!

He doesn’t let Hip Dysplasia in both hips stop him from moving but at a much slower pace than his wife. His wife is a fast walker challenging herself to move even faster.

Until he began riding the recumbent trike delta, (two wheels in back), she had to move slowly, at her husband’s pace or he quickly was left behind.

I was told the recumbent trike gives him the edges to not only keep up with her; he challenges her to move those hips even faster. The recumbent trike lets them exercise together for good health in fun and harmony.

I took a video of them…unedited…so you can see how they ride.

A family affair… the gentleman on the delta is only 92.

Following are more photos. My mother’s first time on a bike in about 75 years when she learned to ride the delta at 88 years old.

Ask your doctor about riding the recumbent trike for exercise and fun adding to living a quality life and follow her/his recommendations. Check with the local bike shops and bike clubs for further information or ask here on COPD and Other Stuff.

For COPDers – muscle utilizes oxygen better than flab and the legs are the largest muscles in the body. The bike is a great form of exercise and the recumbent trike can be a kinder, gentler form of cycling…the comfort mode…or not.

The West Sound Bike Club may have two recumbent trikes to show on the 18th. One trike is a delta with an electric assist. The other is a tadpole. Swing by the booth and check them out.

PRESIDENT Lee Derror 360 271-4838
VICE PRESIDENT Don Czeczok 360 405-1834
TREASURER Laurie Clayton
SECRETARY Roberta Berry 360 638-1685
RIDE COORDINATOR Tim Baker 360 340-5944
Freewheeler: Frank Lane 253 857-6044

Tour de Kitsap:
WSCC website:

Wed. 8/18 11:00am – 6:00pm – Thurs. 8/19/2010 0800 – 2:00pm

West Sound Safety and Health Expo 2010 Free!

Kitsap Conference Center & Bremerton Boardwalk
100 Washington Avenue
Bremerton, WA 98337
Contact: Linda Fulton 360.473.5918


More than one of the following bike shops may sell and service trikes.

BI Cycle Shop 206-842-6413
Classic Cycle 206-842-9191
Kitsap Key and Bike Shop 360-373-6133
Olympic Bike and Skate 360-895-2127
One Way Down Biking 360-633-6649
Rainier Cycle Sports 253-756-2117
Silverdale Cyclery 360-692-5508 (Sells and services trikes)

Gregg’s Greenlake Cycle
The free clinic will start at 6:30pm and go until around 7:30pm. There will be light refreshments provided. or call (206) 523-1822 ext. 119

The following URL contains the most cycling URL information of any blog I’ve seen. Scroll down on the right until you find Dealers.

More later…. Sharon O’Hara

10 thoughts on “Recumbent Trikes and Good Health Hand in Hand

  1. Thanks! They were there last night…they printed out…luckily…for the West Sound Bike Club booth hand-outs today.
    Thank you! Sharon

  2. Thanks Julie … I see them above…can you see them? They’re back!?
    Thank you, Kitsap Sun genies!

    I’ve been unable to upload the movies I took – they’re cute if you overlook the crude filming I did and no editing …they show the trikes really well…sort of..

  3. These are wonderful pictures, Sharon. I really smiled when I saw them, because I know all the people involved. I hope you are doing well.

    1. Thanks Bonnie…the recumbent trikes can be miracle workers for the physically challenged and tubby’ettes. As a matter of fact, I’m looking for a couple more to join me in a recumbent trike/exercise for a fun commitement here to get rid of excess unhealthy pounds and- to let our overburdened body get a break. I thought it might be easier to do joined by a couple other tubs too… a real motivated small group.
      Thanks for commenting! One of these days I’d love to try out your pedal boat! Sharon

    1. Thank you! You kids – and your super progressive, great attitude dad were kind to let me take the photos. The recumbent trike is a great tool and fun for the physically challenged AND regular folks too…exercise should always be interesting.
      Thanks again… Sharon

  4. still riding recumbent trikes? I am moving to Kitsap peninsula and would love to meet up with others who ride these, who have physical challenges.

    1. Thank you, Betty and looking forward to a new recumbent trike rider here! I’ll get more information for you – for example, I believe the West Sound Cycling Club has a few active recumbent trike riders. Thanks for taking the time to write!

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