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A Edema, Cellulitis, Lymphedema Story in Pictures

I’m using a thumb drive to download these photo’s – I hope it works. I hope someone – somewhere – uses what I’m trying to say to avoid reaching this point of infection/heal. Reason being…each time, it is worse, takes longer to heal and the pain is relentless and sometimes unbearable.

Do whatever your doctor tells you to do – get rid of your edema. It isn’t funny nor casual. It can turn ugly and very serious.

Edema Problems Today? Look at the Possible Future?””A New Pretty Face””YES!”an-edema-cellulites-lymph-edema-story-in-pictures/”Irony in a Sign” “A Look Ahead?””Ignoring edema isn’t smart” “Time to Heal” “A Morning View””Early Morning View From Harrison” “Another View” “Harrison\’s Great Corner Upper Room””Looking Back” “Life is Good””Home Again” “Ahh, Almost Over””Almost Healed From the Last Time…pre Harrison” “Bacteria Grows””A Raging Infection” “Another Look at Edema” “Overdue Unwrap at Home””A Different Look” “It Did Not Stick””A New Wrap From Harrison& Wound Care Center” “Relief in Healing””Healing” “Interventions Healing is Fast””Fast Healing” “Once On – Comfortable””Stockings to Keep Edema From Returning”
More later… Sharon O’Hara

One thought on “A Edema, Cellulitis, Lymphedema Story in Pictures

  1. I had cellulitus 3 years ago in my left leg. It lasted about 3 weeks. This time it is in my right leg and it is now 2.5 MONTHS and the leg is still badly swollen. Redness comes and goes. Some discomfort. 15% overweight. 72 years old. Cronic kindey problems. Dr put me on IV then home w/meds. I see very little improvement. General health very good. Will try putting leg up higher starting now. Thank you all so much.

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