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Will Harrison Medical Center Be First?

Harrison Medical Center made another smart more to their board of directors with Kelly R. Nelson …

”…Nelson fills the board of directors seat vacated by Bette Hyde. The term expires in June 2012.
She is the managing member of Nelson Accounting Professionals of Poulsbo. Her practice specializes in estate planning and wealth transfer techniques, retirement planning, business succession planning, and tax compliance for businesses, individuals, and fiduciaries. She also serves as treasurer of the Harrison Medical Center Foundation’s board and sponsors numerous nonprofit organizations. “

Not that they want them but, I have decided to leave my recumbent trike collection (6) to Harrison.

I hope they will establish an active recumbent trike exercise and fun club for pulmonary patients. The recumbent trike is –my opinion- the one way, fun way, for lung patients to get out of doors, pedaling to build muscle for better oxygen utilization. Muscle utilizes oxygen better than flab… leading back to a quality and fun life.

Getting my trikes to Harrison when the time comes is an easy ride to Harrison Silverdale. Two hours of time for a very slow rider and ten minutes for a physically fit, fast cyclist.

That is my hope…but they are not limited in what they do with them.

That said … I read the article because I thought Harrison was announcing the first medical patient to their board of directors. Wrong! How can any medical organization know what patients want or need when not one patient is on their board?

A reliable source mentioned that Harrison is adding a patient to their board of directors. I hope that patient is one who listens, speaks her/his mind and lives with one or more multiple medical conditions.

Patients – Apply to become a board member of any medical organization you care about. They may not know it yet…but they need us…they need our input to help them help the future us.

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More later… Sharon O’Hara

3 thoughts on “Will Harrison Medical Center Be First?

  1. Good idea, but like many organizations, Harrison does not necessarily want to hear what the “customer” wants. Look at Kitsap Commuter Transit and the uproar over a union worker on the board. It is to much of a bother to listen to a customer or worker who is familiar with the business, if only from another point of view.

    That might lead to actually looking at what is going on down in the weeds, so to speak. The boards usually have loftier goals and ideas and really have little interest in the people who actually use their product or service on a regular basis. Poor business ethic? Probably, but usually more profitable in the short term. What you do not know, you can not fix, so everything must be ok.

    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  2. Actually Roger…the health care picture is completely different than that of our transit system, education system or any other system. The only way hospitals can survive is to look ahead.

    Looking ahead is something Harrison has does.
    Some years ago Harrison invited the community to join Harrison Medical Center’s Scot Ware, CEO Scott Bosch, CEO > Video Library > and other top Harrison folks to tell them how they could best help us as a community.

    I attended the Silverdale Community Meeting and was surprised that the only other ‘community members’ present was a cancer patient survivor and his delightful wife. Both were informative and encouraged me to continue my efforts to educate about COPD. We learned and our community lost opportunity – at that time.

    I think Harrison should put on another such meeting only this time invite only patients and their caregivers IF they REALLY want to know how things are going in our community.

    As a formerly lifelong healthy physically fit person I wouldn’t have attended such a meeting….maybe that was the problem with the rest of the community.

    I have an overdue tale to tell about Harrison Prompt Care in PO and Harrison Bremerton where they have a nurse practitioner who not only took a culture when nobody else had…that culture and hospital stay…well, I’ll show the results in pictures…they prove to me that Harrison is on top of stuff. Though less so when it comes to pulmonary stuff.

    I’ll tell you about the “M” ward in Harrison Bremerton…where I was for some days a month or two ago. Its a unique and special ward.

    Thanks for commenting, Roger.

    1. I’ve edited the incredible name change error I made for Harrison’s CEO. Maybe nobody noticed…
      More later… Sharon O’Hara

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