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Update: Good News, Better News and a Puzzle

The good news…Other than dust and debris in the water from the reservoir, nothing of note was found in the water from the Bi Pap reservoir or from the water from a sealed bottle of distilled water my husband delivered for me to the Twiss Laboratories in Poulsbo to culture for contaminate evaluation.

The better news… The many, out of date unopened bottles of distilled water we have are still good to use.
The puzzle is that I don’t know what the whitish globs of _______ ? were that flowed out of the bottle of distilled water when I refilled the reservoir.

The dust in the reservoir can be explained by the fact I did not change the filters often enough. And, similar to a vacuum cleaner we used to have, the water in the reservoir filtered the dust not caught in the filters. The air flowing through the hose into my mask was dust free and moist…a good thing for airways.

I also called my BiPap server to be sure I had the filters set in the machine properly. Yes, as it turned out.

Did I make too much of seeing the globules in my BiPap reservoir? Maybe.

However, I will continue to be reasonably careful to not hasten further demise of the only lungs I have. Damaged, they still work.

More later… Sharon O’Hara

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