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Stinky Compost Traps Homeowner

Is inhaling steaming bulk compost toxins or gas a menace for lungs?

Well, this homeowner doesn’t know and my house is now almost completely surrounded by stinky compost I do not want to inhale. I wanted it to use as a mulch as suggested by Cisco Morris on a recent gardening show and ordered nine yards of compost. After all the compost sacks I’ve been using have no odor other than the wonderful smell of soil.

My husband called the company to ask when the stench would dissipate and was told a week.

Laugh if you must – in the old days I would have – but I am not going out until a doctor or the Odor Patrol tells me that inhaling that stench will not cause further damage to my lungs.

I don’t want to spend five more days trapped inside my house – will inhaling that ‘natural’ smell of composting compromise my already compromised lungs? Does anyone know?

Help… Sharon O’Hara

2 thoughts on “Stinky Compost Traps Homeowner

  1. Update.
    According to the Kitsap Sun’s “Better Healthy Living” “Listen To Your Gut.” its our ‘internal radar.’ They refer to intuition, not medical concerns specifically but they should be similar.

    The compost smell remains, in a milder form but springs up again when I water the plants. The smell of the still working compost gas chokes and I can’t breathe. The respirator helps but makes it harder to breathe and walk.

    What is the solution?

    How damaging is it to healthy lungs? Does inhaling compost gas affect unhealthy lungs to a significant extent?

    Take care, Sharon O’Hara

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