Name those historic bridges

1LzPAfTDo you recognize any of the bridges up above? We could have a contest, except then I would have to know what they all are, which I don’t.

Anyway you can pick up this poster of historic Washington bridges for free through October at the State Archives headquarters in Olympia or at the Secretary of State’s main office at the Capitol in Olympia. They’ll be having an open house down there from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.See if you can name them all. I’ll find the answers.


3 thoughts on “Name those historic bridges

  1. Turns out the flier lists the name of each bridge in a description under its photo… but was fun guessing before I saw & could read the small print!

  2. So easy to miss it, though–only found it after I had maximized the images to see them more clearly, and saw tiny lettering… was not scaled for websites!

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