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Ferry Puyallup not fixed, but getting there

Washington State Ferries pulled the 202-car Puyallup out of service Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to inspect and fix a broken engine.  At Eagle Harbor Maintenance Facility, they cut a hole in the car deck to pull out the crankshaft and drop a new one into the engine room.

That’s all they expected to get done in the time available. The rest they can be complete at nights when it doesn’t disrupt service, said WSF spokesman Brian Mannion.

The boat can continue to operate with three of its four engines, though it falls behind schedule at times.


Transit board gives thumbs up to liquor ads

Buried in my story Wednesday, and at the meeting it described, was the Kitsap Transit board’s approval of liquor ads on buses. The idea has been floating around since spring,  and got more ink then.

The board ran out of time and held the resolution over at both its May and June meetings, then gave it limited discussion at the end of a packed agenda Tuesday.

Service and capital development director Steffani Lillie said Transit only received two public comments. Both were against. The tease to my earlier story on Facebook might’ve been a better  indicator of  interest. There were at least a few dozen, comments, pretty much split for and against. I wish I could review them, but that was two months ago. Talk about being buried.

I remember it was your typical Facebook stuff — crackpots on both sides with a few good points sprinkled in. Most commenters hadn’t read the story, otherwise I doubt there’d be much opposition.

The ads can’t be provocative. No girls in bikinis or anything like that. They can’t show people actually drinking booze. They have to be accompanied by disclaimers stating the legal drinking age and to drink responsibly. Lillie or executor director John Clauson must approve them. It’d be a stretch to believe they’ll encourage kids to drink.

Some board members supported the idea as being good for the burgeoning local brewing and distilling industries, which Poulsbo mayor Becky Erickson said was the “whole reason” she voted for it.

County commissioner Rob Gelder was OK with the change, as long as Transit asserts control. “It’s important that we don’t compromise the brand of Kitsap Transit,” he said.

Bainbridge mayor Ann Blair abstained from the vote because her city council hadn’t discussed the issue. County commissioner Charlotte Garrido was the lone no vote.