520 bridge users pay more, less than Tacoma Narrows

Toll rates for the 520 floating bridge exceed those for the Tacoma Narrows for those traveling  at peak times.
Narrows tolls, it was determined months ago, will rise by 25 cents on July 1 — to 4.50 for Good To Go! passes, $5.50 at the toll booths and $6.50 for pay by mail. That’s for a round trip, any time of day.
The state Transportation Commission on Wednesday passed a 2.5 percent rate increase for the 520 bridge, also effective July 1. That will jump the peak, weekday cost to $3.80 each way for Good To Go! passes and $5.40 for pay by mail. There are no toll booths.
If you can drive from midnight to 5 a.m. or 11 p.m. to midnight, it’s free. Other times of day are somewhere in between.
Highway 520 toll revenues are on track to provide $1.2 billion in funding  to help pay for the new bridge. This increase is the third of four annual 2.5 percent hikes, part for a plan established in 2011. When the new bridge opens in July 2016, there is a planned, one-time 15 percent increase.