Ferry meetings in two weeks, not next week

An item in Wednesday’s paper said there will be ferry fare meetings Monday and Tuesday. It should have said July 15 and 16, which is the week after next.

The state Transportation Commission will be taking public comments on a proposed fare increase.On Monday the meeting will be in the Bainbridge Commons Senior Center. On Tuesday it’ll be at Givens Community Center in Port Orchard. Both are from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Sorry for the confusion.

One thought on “Ferry meetings in two weeks, not next week

  1. A little off the subject matter but…

    Bainbridge traffic is horrendous and islanders are picketing as commuters go on and off the island to catch the ferry into Seattle central from Kitsap county.
    Traffic on the I5 corridor is horrendous N and S out of Seattle
    Pollution of idling cars as they sit in traffic day after day, let alone the carbon footprint everyone uses on the drive to and from Seattle.
    The train is a good option to get to Seattle “when it’s running” but… the landslides have something to say about that.
    Washington brags of being “green” and yet has taken away the ferry option from Kingston Dock to Seattle Dock which has a negative affect on traffic, commutes, tourism, accessability to and from the city.
    The old ferry schedule for the walk-on ferry was limited so if one worked an early schedule or late, the walk-on wasn’t an option. Maybe a few am and a few pm routes to start with a water taxi.
    I know that Washington State pays a boat load of money (pardon the pun) to keep the mountain passes open in the winter. How about looking at a water taxi schedule that 1) assists Kitsap County residents to commute to Seattle for work with a ferry schedule that actually “works” 2)decrease the traffic and in turn commute times on the I-5 corridor 3) decrease the Bainbridge Island traffic and frustration as islanders are bombarded with most of the commuter traffic and tourist are inconvenienced by the overloaded ferry traffic and 4)increase access to this part of the state for commuters & tourists alike. A Watertaxi between Seattle & Kingston would be green & cost efficient, (considering the road usage/wear & tear/traffic jams, etc).
    The ferry & water taxi systems are the #1 tourist attraction for the state which translates to dollars.
    We are #8 in the nation for WORST TRAFFIC.
    We could increase our tourism dollars, improve our traffic flow and all with one mass transit ferry added to Kingston dock again or a Watertaxi added to our options! I respectfully ask you to please consider the Kingston/Seattle option.

    Lisa Anderson, Kingston Resident

    ZIP : 98346
    Phone: 720-318-8372

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