It’ll be illegal to part in electric vehicle charging space

This summer, you’ll get the same $124 ticket for parking in an electric car recharging space as in a disabled space. Gov. Jay Inslee signed Sen. Rodney Tom’s bill Tuesday that’ll make it happen, beginning July 28. The vehicle using the space must be connected to the charging equipment. The parking infraction applies to both public and private electric vehicle charging stations.

The bill requires that a vertical sign identifies the space as an electric-charging station and to provide notice that the space is only for electric vehicles that are charging.

“There has been a great deal of planning and a lot of infrastructure costs put into creating these spaces, so we need to make sure they are being used for their intended purposes,” said Tom. “Washington has been a leader in preparing for the deployment of electric-charging technology and this bill will help make sure that those who want to use them can do so.”

The bill is Senate Bill 5849.

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