Kitsap getting transportation it pays for

Kitsap is the only county in the state getting its fair share of transportation dollars, according to cool research by Chuck Taylor of the (Everett) Herald. For every dollar residents spend in taxes and fees, we get $1 back in transportation spending. Taylor bases it on state transportation budgets from 2004 through 2012, and includes federal spending. Mason is getting the shaft, receiving 65 cents for every dollar it contributes.

You might think the populous, westside counties are subsidizing the farmers on the other side of the mountains, but Taylor found a mixed bag. At the extremes are southeastern counties Garfield and Franklin. Garfield receives $3.60 for every $1 and Franklin gets 59 cents of transportation investment for every dollar it gives.

The big counties of Pierce (99 cents), Snohomish (96) and King (95) are right in the middle, just below Kitsap.

There’s a cool graphic. Check it out.