Ferry slows down, saves fuel, wins award

Three Washington State Ferries crew members found a way to save the state of Washington more than $700,000 per year and in doing so picked up the President’s Transportation Award for water transportation.

Staff Chief Mark Nitchman, Captain John Tullis and retired Captain Bill Chappel studied the effect of the 202-car ferry Puyallup’s speed on its fuel consumption. They suggested new throttle settings to maximize fuel efficiency. After a successful pilot project, the settings were adopted as the operating standard for both boats on the Edmonds-Kingston route. They also reduce exhaust emissions.

The changes save 15,000 gallons of fuel per month, or 180,000 per year, said director David Moseley.

2 thoughts on “Ferry slows down, saves fuel, wins award

  1. Good job Staff Chief Mark N., Capt. John T., Capt. Bill C.(Ret. with honors). We are all doing what we can to save the tax-payer (our) dollar. I wish that Suzannah Frame and her ilk would see where the
    real dollar could be saved from being wasted upon the water. Until
    then, they slash our pay, while we do the hard work. I’m glad we
    love our jobs enough to have faith in the possibility of the truth’s
    potential exposure. How about it ED. F.?

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