Nevada worst for writing traffic tickets; Washington 15th

Where do you suppose is the most ticket-happy place in the country?
National Motorists Association, a motorists’ rights group that has been helping drivers fight traffic tickets for 30 years, says it knows.
Stats aren’t readily available. Lots of states and cities either don’t keep them or don’t release them because they don’t want to look unwelcoming, according to the NMA. So the group has a weird way of measuring. It analyzes ticket-related search queries such as “speeding ticket” and “traffic tickets” using Google’s Insights for Search, a public tool that shows search trends across the country. I can’t vouch for the method, but for the sake of discussion, let’s go with it.
After crunching the numbers for the third straight year, Nevada comes out as the likeliest to issue a ticket, followed by Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Maryland, Louisiana and Texas. There’s a theme here. Most of the states are down south. I drove across a couple times about 30 years ago. Never got a ticket. But that’s the extent of my southern experience. To top it off, the analysis added metro areas this year, and Atlanta came out on top, or bottom, however you want to look at it.
I did live and drive in Nevada, also about 30 years ago, so that ancient history probably has no relevance to today’s traffic ticket research. I suppose if the cops are picking off people, particularly tourists, in Nevada’s few cities, that could tip the scales, because there’s not much else there. I drove from Vegas to Reno many times, way before cell phones, and you better not break down on the highway. There’s not a house, store or anything for hours. Just you, all alone with the dirt, snakes and UFOs. The weird think was, at night you could look across the miles of nothing and see a light here and there. There were no roads to get to them. Just lights all by themselves. Always wondered what was out there, but didn’t want to have to find out.
Anyway, back to the list. Wyoming and Montana are least likely to write a ticket.
Washington is tied for 15th most likely. Here are the lists, courtesy of NMA:
1. Nevada 79
2. Georgia 70
3. Alabama 69
4. Florida 67
5. Maryland 65
6. Louisiana 63
7. Texas 62
8. District of Columbia 61
9. California 59
North Carolina 59
Missouri 59
12. New York 56
13. Mississippi 55
14. South Carolina 54
15. Washington 51
Tennessee 51
Indiana 51
18. Illinois 50
19. Arizona 49
Iowa 49
Oklahoma 49
22. Virginia 48
23. New Jersey
24. Ohio 45
Kansas 45

Metro Areas
1. Atlanta 74
2. Los Angeles 72
3. Dallas-Fort Worth 62
4. Miami 59
5. New York 57
6. Chicago 52
7. District of Columbia 50
8. Houston 47
9. Orlando 39
10. San Diego 34

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  1. When the economy tanks, the tickets increase in order to make up for lost funding. Only in America 🙁

  2. Earlier today after reading this ariltce, I was thinking, goodness, kids just keep doing things younger and younger. Then, on tonight’s news, a 7 year old student at a school near where I live had brought a hypodermic needle filled with an unknown substance to school and stabbed two other children with it. I’m getting so terrified of elementary schools lately, and dreading the day I have to send my child off, away from my supervision for 8 hours.

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